from 3 000 EUR

Full legal support and mediation between an investor and the government of Georgia under the project: land area 0,73 ha for the hotel in Ahaldaba (Borjomi)

The privatization auction in Georgia within the governmental initiative “100 investment offers for business” is a real opportunity for investors to purchase property under very beneficial terms. Apart from available prices, a winner at the auction may also execute the ownership right under the simplified procedure. With the purpose of establishing advantageous terms and increasing the interest of investors, the Georgian government made its best to solve legal issues faced by buyers of property in Georgia.

The company Offshore Pro Group always monitors the results of the privatization auction and the updated objects. We provide assistance in selection of real estate under the defined criteria, as well as provide full legal support to participants of the auction on each stage: from collection of documents to execution of rights of ownership for real estate. If necessary, we may also organize a meeting with representatives of the Georgian government. Prices of our services start from 3 000 EUR.

Our clients not only save time and money; they also increase their chances to buy real estate in Georgia that will optimally correspond to their needs. Therefore, our clients may expand the existing business with minimum hardships or run a new thread of activity.

Opening a company in Georgia provides many advantages for business

In the last 10 years, the attitude to the Georgian jurisdiction among foreign investors has changed greatly. Due to successful reformations taken in Georgia, the investment climate in the country had improved. For two years in a row Georgia remains in the TOP-10 countries in the rating Doing Business.

Foreign investors are attracted to Georgia because of:

  • loyal tax system – under the information of Paying Taxes 2020, the Georgian system of taxation takes the 14 place (the best index over the region). The overall tax burden in Georgia is 9,9%, for fulfillment of obligations 216 hours are enough;
  • stable economy – under the estimate of most international organizations, GDP of Georgia will increase for 4,5% for 2019. A similar results was forecasted by National Bank of Georgia;
  • practically absent red-tape and corruption – most contacts between businessmen and authorities are made online (submission of declarations, reports, preparation of various types of inquiries and permissions);
  • possibility of minimizing the tax burden by registration of a company in one of Free industrial zones of Georgia (there are 4 of them: TbilisiKutaisi, Kutaisi-Hualing, Poti);
  • beneficial taxation for IT companies in Georgia — with the certificate “Person of virtual zone” they only pay the contribution to the Pension Fund (2%) and the tax on dividends (5%);
  • loyal migration legislation that allows staying in the country without executing a visa for citizens of more than 90 states;
  • active international policy of the government of Georgia: 56 applicable agreements on avoidance of double taxation and available agreements on free trade with EU countries (including Great Britain), EFTA, CIS (including Ukraine), Turkey, China, and Hong Kong;
  • Georgia is not among countries-participants of CRS; therefore, business will be 100% confidential.

This all offers huge perspectives for making business in Georgia on a world-wide scale.

Investment project: land area for a hotel in Borjomi

The government of Georgia is selling on the privatization auction:

land area of 7 393 sq.m. with structures on it, near the international highway in the village Ahaldaba, the municipality Borjomi

This object is perfect for building a hotel on it because it is located in a resort area, which is highly popular among travelers.

Locations of a land area in Georgia: Borjomi in brief

Borjomi is a small resort town with a population approx. 14 000 people. It is located in the region Samtshe-Dzhavaheti on the South-West of Georgia 152 kilometers far from Tbilisi. The town itself stretches for several kilometers along the shores of the river Kura, which divides it in two.

Location of Borjomi in a mountain gorge at height 820 meters above the sea level promotes the formation of the moderate climate. The average temperature in July is +20 °C, in January -3°C. On all sides the town is surrounded by mountains, where conifer and broad-leaved tress grow.

The town owes it popularity to mineral water that has been long used for medical purposes. This is certified by stone baths found by archeologists. Active distribution of the namesake water began in the XIX century. Marvelous water and its therapeutic properties brought to Borjomi the Russian tsars from the Romanov dynasty. They built here the Likansky palace that later was popular among the first persons of the Soviet state, too.

Currently, the mineral water from the valley Borjomi is known to residents of any Eastern European country, where this water is being exported in big amounts.

Beautiful nature, pure mountain air, temperate climate, more than 200 sunny days per year, and therapeutic mineral water promote the development of Borjomi as a resort area. Here you may be recover and rest not only in summer, but in winter as well. Popularity of Borjomi among foreign tourists is growing every year.

Not far from Borjomi is the ski resort Bakuriani (25 km) that has been actively developing and annually holds international competitions of the highest level; also, Bakuriani claims upon hosting the Winter Olympic Games of 2030.

The main sights of Borjomi that also attract tourists:

  • palace of the Romanov dynasty;
  • Central park of Borjomi with a source of mineral water (free);
  • National park Borjomi-Haragauli — one of the biggest parks in Europe; it occupies 7% of the territory of Georgia;
  • rope way;
  • house of Mirza-Riza-khan;
  • ruins of three fortresses Petre, Gogiya, and Atskuri;
  • Green monastery.

Real estate in Georgia: location of the land area

The land area presented at the auction is located to the South of the urban-type settlement Ahaldaba in the Borjomi municipality, 18 kilometers far from the town Borjomi. Ahaldaba is famous as a spa resort. Here you will find plenty of thermal springs with different temperature and properties. The settlement is at height 790 meters, and is surrounded by mountains and forests on all sides. It is recommended to stay here for treatment of chronic diseases of respiratory system. The therapeutic effect is due to mineral water with constant temperature +32 °C.

The land area lies on the left bank of the river Kura. Right next to it is the international highway Hashuri-Ahaltihe-Veil, which connects the settlement with Borjomi and other residential areas. In close proximity to the land area is a small guest house and several cafes. The village Ahaldaba is in 550 meters; the railroad station – 2,2 km (5 minutes by car).

Description of the land area in Ahaldaba (Borjomi)

The land area is 7 393 sq.m. On the land area there are 3 buildings in half-demolished state, but they are easy to restore.

It should also be noted that the land area is connected to power lines; therefore, before the start of construction it is necessary to obtain the permission from JSC “Energo Pro Georgia”, as well as from the Department of Automobile Roads of Georgia.

The advantage of the land area is its relatively even surface, which cuts expenses during construction.

Considering the location of the land area (in particular, its location in the resort area with sulphur springs right near the international highway), it is reasonable to use it for a restaurant/cafe.

Basic terms of the auction for sale of the land area in the village Ahaldaba (Borjomi)

The land area is on sale through an electronic auction under the following terms:

  • starting price —  223 000 lari;
  • bid increment – 2 000 lari;
  • irrevocable bank guarantee – 66 900 lari. It can be deposited by cash in a branch of the bank Liberty, by payment card on the auction site or by activating an electronic bank guarantee;
  • minimum term of validity of an irrevocable application – 45 calendar days;
  • final payment for the lot must be made by the winner of the auction within 30 calendar days, but it is still recommended to top up the account within 25 calendar days;
  • buyer must sign a purchase and sale agreement within 45 calendar days (in the House of Justice), otherwise results of the auction will be cancelled.

How to participate in the auction and increase one’s chances for purchase of profitable real estate in Georgia

The company Offshore Pro Group provides full legal assistance to participants of the privatization auction; therefore, your chances to purchase real estate in Georgia increase manifold. Our specialists help to choose the object that would optimally suit client’s needs, prepare documents for participation in the auction and, if necessary, may organize a meeting with a representative of the Georgian government.

To obtain services from the company Offshore Pro Group, please:

  1. Contact us at: info@offshore-pro.info, with stating the contact details.
  2. Agree with our specialists upon the characteristics of the real estate object, and terms of cooperation.
  3. Pay the price of our services according to the invoice.

Benefits of participation in the project:

Buying the non-agricultural land with total area of 7 393 sq.m. with structures in Ahaldaba (Borjomi)

  • land is located in the resort area not far from the forest and the river, in the settlement known as a spa resort;
  • the area is in close proximity to the international highway; just 2,2 km to the nearest railroad station;
  • relatively good state of structures on the site;
  • low cost – 3000 lari per 100 sq.m. (approx. 1034$)
  • will be perfect for building a hotel.

By using our services, you may save time and increase your chances to buy a profitable real estate. Our specialists perfectly know the legislation of Georgia and the mentality of local people, and are native speakers of Georgian language. To get the detailed information on cooperation, please contact us at: info@offshore-pro.info.


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