Georgia is a relatively small country, located between Asia and Europe on the east coast of the Black Sea. There are a very beautiful nature and a favorable climate in Georgia and thousands of tourists annually go to visit the area. Georgia borders with Russia, Armenia, Turkey and Azerbaijan. The geographical position of this country is also advantageous. Because of it, it’s often called “the Sea Gate”.

The country has long been famous for its hospitality, delicious wine and the spectacular nature of incredible beauty. Last year, Georgia was visited by a record number of tourists – more than 8 million people. The country’s indigenous population is only 3.7 million people. The plans of the country’s leadership in the current year to take more than ten million tourists from all over the world. These plans can be realized as the interest in the country increases all the time. Registration of companies in Georgia is of interest to many entrepreneurs, since there are also very favorable conditions for business. The Telegraph, one of the largest British tourism magazines, puts Georgia on the 4th position in the list of the hottest tourist destinations.

The World Tourism Organization also has allocated Georgia for the 4th place, but according to the dynamics of growth of interest towards the country from the side of tourists. Last year, the share of tourism in GDP amounted to 7.6%, and the amount of profit is equal to 3.2 billion US dollars. In business circles it is increasingly possible to hear conversations on Georgia. Mostly they are positive. Georgia managed to significantly increase its position in numerous international rankings. As part of the Doing Business rating, this country has grown to the 6th position in the past year, and as part of the rating, the simplicity of the tax system to the16th place. In the ranking of the best countries for starting a business, Georgia is in 4th place. Corporate maintenance servicing and supervision of companies in Georgia is carried out by specialized organizations.

Our project is designed to acquaint users with different areas of business life flowing into the territory of Georgia. This website will provide in depth knowledge on how companies should be incorporated and maintained in Georgia and much more. There are numerous free industrial zones in Georgia that will be useful for entrepreneurs to know about. The possibility and diversified options of buying and investing into property market and real estate in Georgia are also interesting for a wide range of international investors.  You will also find  a lot of information on legal aspects of investing into commercial and residential real estate in Georgia. Our team is ready to professionally advice on various issues relating to the development of business in Georgia. In you have it in your plans to launch a business in Georgia, please contact us by e-mail [email protected] and get the information you need.

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Registration of all types of legal entities in Georgia. Our team has in depth knowledge in the framework of local legislation, therefore the registration of any types of legal entities/ companies in Georgia will become easy and not complicated when using our help. We have the resources to open offices for you throughout Georgia, register new companies operating under preferential taxation or under standard conditions. If there are any questions about the organization of business in Georgia, you can count on the help of our lawyers and accountants.

Corporate bank accounts in Georgia for non-residents of the country. At the moment we are working closely with the largest banks in Georgia. They give the opportunity to get a full range of specialized services to foreigners. If there is a necessity or a special request we also engage into negotiations on behalf of our clients with the largest banks in Georgia. We have the opportunity to efficiently assist with opening bank accounts for citizens of other counties, who are not yet or never intend to be the fulltime residents of Georgia.

Permanent residence in Georgia. If you intend to get based in the country for permanent residence, our staff will prepare all the necessary documents that are required for a temporary or permanent residence permit application. The advice on profitable and safe investments into the purchase of promising real estate in Georgia can also be provided on request. Our company can provide you with the detailed, law and practice-based advice on moving to Georgia. As our client, you will be protected from many troubles associated with the change of residence. We will make all the necessary efforts so that you can feel comfortable in Georgia and not encounter common problems familiar to many expats and immigrants.

Corporate maintenance services for your business in Georgia. This is yet another of the sought-after services of our company. We provide full business accounting support, we’ll help to start business activities in the country without hassle and complications. With us you will avoid many problems that negatively affect the conduct of business in a foreign country. Investments will pay off in a reasonably short time and allow you to rely on profit. Our clients don’t have to spend time studying the legislation of Georgia. Our  team will do all the work for you.

Property search in Georgia. Buying real estate inside a new country can be accompanied by numerous difficulties. We can help you choose a promising object for investing money in it. Only with proper organization of business, the invested capital will be able to pay off and generate income. This service is provided not only for citizens of the country, but also for non-residents.

Audit in Georgia. Our company offers services for drawing up employment contracts, nominal services, issuing certificates and licenses for conducting legal activities within Georgia. has a lot to offer:

Our team actively monitors changes in the framework of business life in Georgia. On our website you can access the latest information. The news of the tax legislation changes in Georgia will be especially useful for entrepreneurs. An analysis of the real estate market is being conducted. After reading the information on some questions might still remain. Feel free to ask at [email protected]. We make every effort to constantly stay in touch and instantly respond to your requests. We are interested in long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. This is only possible if the customer is satisfied with our level of service.

The information on this website will be also interesting for start-up entrepreneurs. Startup owners will be able to find out how companies are incorporated and maintained in Georgia.

Our portal actively covers the available news of corporate legislation along with the news of the country’s immigration legislation.

You will receive professional business support without overpaying after you become our client. We provide legal and accounting services in Georgia. Our specialists are well-versed in various aspects of legislation, they can boast considerable experience in registering companies, including with tax regimes. We will provide information on how to do business here, give advice on business optimization, including the legitimate optimization of the fiscal burden. We are engaged in drafting contracts relating to the conduct of the company on favorable terms for the entrepreneur. We are negotiating with developers to provide discounts and installments.


Our company can show entrepreneurs what kind of benefits they can get by investing their capital in the economy of Georgia. The country is out of the list of offshore zones and black and grey lists of EU, USA and numerous organisations, but Georgian banks are quite loyal to non-residents of the country, providing them with a wide range of services. Personal bank accounts in Georgia for non-residents can be arranged with our help. Commissions in local banks are significantly lower than in EU. Georgia does not yet participate in the automatic exchange of financial information. This enables customers of Georgian banking institutions to have confidence in maintaining the confidentiality of personal data.

Georgia acts as a leading country under free trade agreements. Products with “Made in Georgia” certificates are delivered to the EU, CIS countries, as well as Turkey and China duty free. This market has more than a billion consumers. The government has plans to soon sign a free trade agreement with India, which will further expand the market for products.

Business in Georgia can be profitable and successful not only with our help, but also thanks to the progressively- thinking government of Georgia. The country’s leadership strongly expresses support for foreign investors. The “Produce in Georgia” program actively works. Thanks to this program, anyone can receive for personal use state assets for 1 GEL, providing the investment commitments are respected. The preferential treatment is also worth remembering, since they work on the territory of Georgia. Here, in addition to free industrial zones, it’s possible to register a company producing software and operating in the field of information technology on favorable terms. Georgia is very attractive for IT business. You can read more about this on

Our company provides a number of exclusive services for the registration of companies in free zones of Georgia. For entrepreneurs, this is another reason to contact us. You will discover a wide range of quality services that are provided by experienced staff of our organization.

We have all the resources to help you with a launch of successful and efficient business in Georgia. We are always interested in mutually beneficial cooperation, satisfied customers. We will be happy to reply today.

News on Corporate and
Immigration Legislation of Georgia

News on Corporate and
Immigration Legislation of Georgia

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