801 000 GEL

Residence permit in Georgia along with purchase of 2-bedroom apartments in the elite complex of Tbilisi

Apartments in Tbilisi Garden complex, which is the most famous RC in the capital of Georgia will indisputably be your prudent profitable investment. A spacious and comfortable apartment on the 14th floor is offered for sale in this residential complex. Ownership of this apartment makes the buyer eligible for a residence permit in Georgia, which will provide ample benefits in a variety of situations, particularly – an opportunity to cross the country’s border without having to apply for a visa, even when all borders are closed. In general, real estate in the capital of Georgia is notable for its high profitability and quick payback. These factors attract most of all foreign and Georgian investors who are actively buying various real estate properties here.

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Buying a residential apartment in the elite complex of Tbilisi: a closer look

The Tbilisi Gardens residential complex is one of the most famous newly constructed buildings in the capital of Georgia. It was commissioned in the 3rd quarter of 2018 by the developer – Quadrum Global. During construction, the project received another name – “The first skyscraper in Tbilisi”. This building is not only one of the highest in the capital of Georgia, but also fully complies with the building standards of New York.

The developer made every effort to make his creation stand out against other new buildings in Tbilisi. Not only high-quality building materials were used here, but a lot of attention was paid to the design and safety of the building.

Moreover, Vicente Wolf, one of the most famous and influential designers of the USA, took part in creating the interior of the complex, and the famous Israeli company MYS Architects created the Tbilisi Gardens project.

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Infrastructure of Tbilisi Gardens Residential Complex

The infrastructure of the complex deserves special attention. Only because of it is it worth buying apartments here. “IT’S ALL GOOD AT HOME, when you live at Tbilisi Gardens” – it was not for nothing that it became the motto of the new building. The following services and entertainment are available to residents and guests of Tbilisi Gardens:

  • own green area of ​​21,000 sq.m. designed by Italian landscape designer. The developer spent about 1 million USD on its creation.
  • a spacious lobby, with a full-time concierge assistance;
  • underground parking, where each owner of the apartment is allocated a parking lot for 2 cars;
  • a fitness center with an area of ​​375 sq.m., working around the clock. Vicente Wolf also worked on designing the interior of the fitness center;
  • a huge indoor hall with an area of ​​1,100 square meters, where there is a 25-meter adult pool, several children’s pools, saunas;
  • in-house kindergarten, where the small residents of the complex will be able to play under the supervision of caring educators;
  • A spacious hall suitable for various events: business meetings, presentations, celebrations.

Of particular note is the technical equipment of the complex. It is simply at the highest level. The building itself is lined with ventilated aluminum panels. Here, the developer installed the most modern firefighting equipment, a water tank, and a spare electric generator. The presence of a soundproof layer between the floors and 4 layers of gypsum between the rooms help to maximize sound isolation. Additional features of Tbilisi Gardens Residential complex:

  • 4 high-speed elevators, including 1 freight elevator;
  • all aluminum front doors and windows;
  • no structural beams in the premises, which makes it possible for residents to easily redevelop apartments at their discretion;
  • all utilities are hidden in common areas, rather than within apartments;
  • on all floors there are special technical balconies for boilers and air conditioners, so the living terraces and facades are free for use;
  • the garbage chute is installed on a technical balcony so as not to disturb the residents and guests of the complex.

And in order to save electricity, all the facades and the roof of the building are insulated, with LED lighting, windows and doors installed with double energy-efficient double-glazed windows.

Fire safety in the Tbilisi Gardens Residential Complex 

The developer made significant efforts in terms of ensuring fire safety of the new building:

  • sprinklers and fire alarms are installed in all common areas;
  • there are smoke detectors in common areas and in the parking lot;
  • parking has its own ventilation system;
  • all entrance doors in the apartment are fireproof with a special lock;

It should be noted that the territory of the complex is completely secluded, protected by a fence with safe access points, is guarded around the clock and is under constant video surveillance.

Location of Tbilisi Gardens Residential Complex

The complex is located in the central part of Saburtalo, in the microdistrict, where there is everything for the convenience of a long-term or temporary residence.Oone of the important and longest highways of Tbilisi – Vazha-Pshavela Avenue passes in the immediate proximity to the building.

Near the house there is a vast variety of social infrastructure objects: in the west – right in the courtyard you will find the Bank of Georgia branch, a large shopping center (650 m), where there is a Goodwill hypermarket , KFC fast food, one of the best restaurants in Tbilisi – “ Sormoni ” (7th in ranking among the 1238 restaurants in the capital, according to the Tripadvisor portal), Physics and Mathematics State School N 199 (800 m); in the north – a large number of houses, a small park; in the east – fast food (150 m), Tbilisi Medical University (330 m), a sports ground, several cafes and restaurants; in the south – a pharmacy (250 m), a sports hall (300 m), University. Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani (600 m), XChange shopping center (800 m).

As can be seen by the number of different objects of social infrastructure, this area is very developed. Also well-organized near the new building transport links. There is a public transport stop right outside the house, and Delisi Metro Station is 300 meters away.

Distance from Tbilisi Gardens to:

  • international airport – 24 km ;
  • Central railway station – 7 km ;
  • Avenue Shota Rustaveli – 6.8 km ;
  • Old Town – 7.6 km .

Most of Tbilisi’s attractions are located in the central historical part of the city, particularly – the sulfur baths, Narikala fortress, funicular, cable car.

Description and photos of apartments in Tbilisi Gardens Residential Complex

The apartments that we are now presenting to your attention, are located on a comfortable 14th floor of a 32-storey new building, hence the accommodation allows the owners and guests to enjoy beautiful views of Tbilisi.

The apartments themselves are quite spacious, their area is 127 sq.m.  consisting of 2 bedrooms, a huge kitchen with a living room, where a billiard table can be easily accommodated, 2 bathrooms, a large balcony (10 sq.m.).

The apartments have remarkably elegant interior finishing and decoration with  modern high-quality furniture (kitchen with push – to – open system ), a large comfortable sofa, two double beds, wardrobes, a table, chairs, household appliances (refrigerator, air conditioning, electric stove, oven) are installed.

In other words, there is everything for a quality stay for both short and long periods, and sufficient space to accommodate a company of 6-8 people.

It should be noted that these apartments have a remarkably high profitability. Renting such a house will cost about 70-80 USD per day, and the owner also gets the eligibility to obtain a residence permit in Georgia, which allows crossing the country’s border without obstacles, as well as enjoy all the advantages on equal footing with Georgian citizenship.

The cost of luxury apartments in the residential complex “Tbilisi Gardens” – 801 000 GEL

If you are interested in real estate in Georgia, do not hesitate to contact us by email at [email protected]We will help you select and buy a highly profitable asset and assist you in obtaining residence permit in Georgia so that you can always travel through this beautiful and hospitable country. 

Why should I specifically consider buying an apartment in Tbilisi Garden complex?

Tbilisi Garden complex, which is the most famous RC in the capital of Georgia will indisputably be a prudent use of resources for investment. Commissioned in late 2018, by the developer – Quadrum Global, the Tbilisi Gardens residential complex is one of the most reputable newly constructed buildings in Tbilisi. This building is famous not only as one of the highest in the capital of Georgia, but it also fully complies with the New York building standards. Vicente Wolf, one of the most famous and influential designers of the USA, took part in creating the interior of the complex, and the famous Israeli company MYS Architects created the Tbilisi Gardens project.

What is the infrastructure inside and around the Tbilisi Garden Residential Complex?

The infrastructure of the complex deserves special attention. It includes, in particular: a spacious lobby, with a full-time concierge assistance; underground parking with 2 car parking allocated to each owner; a fitness center with an area of ​​375 sq.m., working 24/7 and offering a unique design by Vicente Wolf; a huge indoor hall with an area of ​​1,100 square meters, where there is a 25-meter adult pool, several children’s pools, saunas; in-house kindergarten; a spacious hall suitable for business meetings, presentations, celebrations.

Does Tbilisi Garden Residential Complex meet green construction standards?

All facades and roofs are insulated to reduce heat loss to a bare minimum.
All luminaries in the building are using LED technology to reduce the cost of electricity to minimum.
Energy Efficient glazing allows to install bigger windows and invite more sunlight into rooms. Construction process is permanently controlled by an international team of supervisors.
Only proven and certified material for construction and support are used. Soundproof insulation between the floors and 4 gypsum layers between the rooms provide higher level of soundproofing. Only copper wiring is used within the building. Energy efficient walls reduce condensation in the building.


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