from 1,500 USD per 0.01 hectares of land plot

Profitable investment in real estate in Georgia: land plots near Batumi

In this article we will introduce to your attention the land plots that are located in the suburbs of Batumi, and specifically in the village of Chakvi. They may be of interest to investors who are engaged in hotel, restaurant or other similar businesses. Located in the resort area, on the seashore, the destination is gaining popularity year after year, and it is expected that once the tourist flow rates are restored, remarkable price increase will be observed. In addition to hotels or restaurants, you can also use the land plot for construction of villas or other real estate which may be attractive for vacationers.

The advantages of land plots in the suburbs of Batumi

Recently, experts have noted the increasing interest towards purchasing land plots among investors. According to the Georgian real estate market representatives, this trend is attributable to the current situation. People realized that it is better to live in a private house built on their own land. After all, this at least gives you an opportunity to leave the house and walk around it at any time, and moreover, a residential house is always more spacious than any apartment. Furthermore, you may use the adjacent land plot for growing agricultural products.

Another indisputable advantage of owning a land plot is that you do not have to spend on maintenance. It would be highly prudent to execute the purchase at the times of the crisis, when the prices decrease, and then after the restoration of economic activity, use it for the construction of hotels, restaurants, and other entertainment facilities that are in such demand among vacationers at sea.

In general, the following advantages of owning land near Batumi, namely in the village of Chakvi, can be specifically highlighted:

  • the region has great tourist potential, which is rapidly recovering;
  • the sea, mountains, beautiful nature, more than 200 sunny days a year attracts a large number of tourists from different countries and corners of Georgia;
  • relative proximity to the border with Turkey – 34 km;
  • Chakvi still has an unmet demand for hotels, villas, restaurants and cafes, hence – their number is steadily growing;
  • sea and beaches in the village are cleaner than Batumi;
  • in Chakvi, the entrance to the sea is better, here pebbles give way to sand at the waterline, and it is calmer and more serene here than in Batumi – thanks to which families and people who love silence will specifically enjoy their holidays here;
  • the Botanical Garden and the National Park are not far from the village, where tea and eucalyptus groves grow.

All of the above makes the purchase of land in Chakvi a very attractive investment project.

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Overview of Chakvi village( ჩაქვი 

The village of Chakvi is still little known among vacationers, but its popularity is growing every year – owing to the picturesqueness of the local nature and clear sea. Chakvi is a small village located on the Black Sea, with approximately 7,000 inhabitants. There is no industrial production here, meanwhile hotels are actively being built.

The cultivation of tea in the early XX century made Chakvi famous in the region. It was here that the first Georgian varieties of tea were bred by the Chinese specialist Lau-Jan-Jaw . And now can see his plantations in the area.

It should be noted that the village is very well-located – at equal distance (12 km) from Batumi and Kobuleti. It will not be difficult to get to both the capital of Adjara and Kobuleti, both using your personal transportation and by shuttle bus. Transport connection between the settlements is well-developed as well.

There are no particular historical attractions in the village, but several interesting places located relatively nearby are definitely worth visiting:

  • The Botanical Garden (7.5 km) is one of the largest gardens in Europe, its area is 113 hectares. About 5,000 plant species grow here, including citrus trees, tea, various palm trees, bananas, eucalyptus trees;
  • Peter Fortress (6.5 km) – the ruins of an ancient (VI century) Byzantine fortress;
  • Mtirala National Park (15 km) – a section of humid subtropical forest. There are many waterfalls, interesting plants and simply beautiful nature;
  • Batumi (12 km) – the capital of Adjara and one of the most developed cities in the Black Sea region;
  • Kobuleti (12 km) – a small resort town for families. There are modern hotels, restaurants, cafes, disco clubs, as well as other infrastructure for a quality vacation.

Infrastructure of Chakvi village

Modern hotels and entertainment infrastructure have just started to emerge in this village. Today, in Chakvi the most famous holiday facility is the 4-star Dreamland Oasis Hotel. It has a swimming pool and water park. There are no more such hotels in the village. Accommodation services in Chakvi are mainly provided by guesthouses.

The village also has a police station, a railway station, several shops, pharmacies, a bank branch, and a school. In other words, there is no special entertainment infrastructure in Chakvi yet, but it will most certainly develop along with newly emerging hotels.

Photos and details of the land plot in Chakvi

3 land plots are offered for sale in the village of Chakvi. All of them are suitable for agricultural purposes. And, as you know, foreigners are prohibited to acquire land which has agricultural designation. Therefore, if you are interested in buying these land plots, you must first make an architectural design of the buildings (s) suitable for business in this area: restaurant, cafe, hotel, etc.

The size of the plots within the land arrays is from 1000 sq.m. to 2 hectares, all of them belong to different owners, but they can be divided, combined, bought by installments for up to 1 year.

In addition to accommodation in the resort area, their advantages include the proximity to access roads and utilities.

Land plot 1

Покупка недвижимости удаленно

Land plot 2

Land plot 3

The cost of plots in the arrays is from 1,500 USD per 100 sq.m., but the price may vary depending on the area, location, and a discount is possible in case of 100% downpayment. 

If you are interested in buying a land plot in the village of Chakvi , please contact us by e – mail at [email protected].. We will select the optimal plot size depending on your requirements, help with re-arranging the appointment and arrange the purchase, even remotely. 

What is the area of ​​land plots in Chakvi ?

The area of ​​plots in Chakvi is from 10 acres to 2 hectares, within the land plots they can be combined and divided.

Can I buy land plots in Chakvi by installments?

Yes, you can purchase land in Chakvi with interest-free installments for a period of 12 months.

Will there be any issues with buying agricultural land in Georgia?

No, you can change the designation of land, but for that purpose the foreigners need to have an architectural design for a building or several buildings.

Why is Chakvi a good place to invest in land?

Chakvi is a small village located on the Black Sea, with approximately 7,000 inhabitants. There is no industrial production here, meanwhile hotel construction rates are steadily growing. Although  Chakvi is still expected to gain popularity among vacationers, the attractiveness of this village is growing every year, mainly due to the beautiful nature and clear seashores.

Best places to visit in Chakvi, Georgia.

While there are no particular historical attractions in the village, but several sightseeing venues are in close proximity and definitely worth visiting, in particular, the Botanical Garden (7.5 km) with its rare plant species; Peter Fortress (6.5 km) – the ruins of an ancient (VI century) Byzantine fortress; Mtirala National Park (15 km) – a section of humid subtropical forest with  waterfalls, interesting plants and simply beautiful nature; Batumi (12 km) – the capital of Adjara; Kobuleti (12 km) – a small resort town for families.

Why it is profitable to invest in hotel business in Chakvi?

As of today, the most famous holiday facility in Chakvi is the 4-star Dreamland Oasis Hotel. Just a 2-minute walk from the private beach, this hotel features a Water Park, 2 swimming pools and a restaurant serving traditional cuisine. The hotel is located 15-minute walk away of Batumi Botanical Garden. There are no more such hotels in the village. Accommodation services in Chakvi are mainly provided by guesthouses. Meanwhile hotel construction business is steadily growing in the region.


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