from 750 USD per 1 sq.m.

Buy real estate in Georgia: apartments in the Green Line complex in the outskirts of Batumi

We hereby offer you to consider the possibility of investing in the purchase of hotel apartments in the “Green Line” multifunctional complex, which is located in the suburbs of Batumi. You can also purchase the entire hotel as a whole (occupies 4 floors). The advantage of the new building is its location – right next to the Botanical Garden, on the beach in a quiet and comfortable area, while downtown Batumi is comfortably located at a distance of only 8 km. The Green Line multifunctional complex has good prospects for occupancy and a high revenue potential, therefore it is so attractive for buyers of real estate in Georgia.

Hotel real estate in Georgia: why should buy apartments in the «Green Line» complex

Buying apartments in a hotel or the entire hotel as complex in itself can be a profitable investment, given the high rate of return on real estate in the most popular Georgian resort. Over the past few years, there has been a rapid increase in tourist flow in Batumi. In 2019 alone, about 2 million foreigners and 400 thousand Georgians visited Batumi. This can be attributable to the successful implementation of advertising campaigns by the local authorities, aimed at the popularization of Batumi globally as a tourism destination, while at the same time enhancing and developing the city’s infrastructure.

As a result, in 2019 Batumi received international recognition, as it was awarded in the nomination of the “Fastest growing tourist destination”. And at the beginning of 2020, Batumi was also rightfully included in the TOP 5 cities of preference to buy a property, according to Forbes magazine.

Such indicators and good conditions for recreation will allow to quickly restore the tourist flow in Batumi, especially since the city is positioning itself as an affordable resort for everyone.

We bring to your attention, will get acquainted with real estate in Georgia.  

Overview of the Green Line modern complex

The Green Line multifunctional complex was commissioned in the 3rd quarter of 2018 and is a completely new construction. Located in a beautiful and ecologically clean area, the hotel complex is surrounded by greenery, and is in close proximity to the sea.

The building was built in full accordance with the construction standards of Georgia, taking into account the climatic and seismic features of the region. The facade of the house is lined with ceramic tiles, which reliably protects the walls from the influence of the external environment. Windows and balcony blocks have a double energy-saving double-glazed window. The Green Line as it is now, is a modern 14-story building, where the hotel occupies 1 to 4 floors, and apartments are located on the top floors.

Location of «Green Line» Aparthotel

The Green Line complex is located in a rather quiet, peaceful venue, in an environmentally clean zone, surrounded by beautiful nature. It is only 350 m distance from the hotel to the sea, and another 850 m to the north one of Europe’s largest and most beautiful botanical gardens is located. Here, you can find tea plantations, eucalyptus groves, palm trees and other rare plants.

There are no social infrastructure facilities near the Green Line – only small hotels and guesthouses are concentrated in this area, and there is a cafe and restaurant on the beach. However, you need not think about the lack of entertainment, as you can always drive to Batumi, which is only 8 km away. Near the house there is a road through which you can reach the capital of Adjara in just 10 minutes- both by individual car and by bus as well as taxi. Buses No. 8, 10, shuttle buses No. 31, 40 pass through the road nearby, taking you to the center of Batumi. A railway station (850 m) is also located relatively close to the complex. The distance to the Batumi airport is 14 km (about 30 minutes by car), to the border with Turkey – 28 km (40-50 minutes by car).

The advantages of the Green Line Aparthotel’s location include the fact that the sea and the beaches are cleaner here than in Batumi.

Characteristics and finishing in the hotel in the Batumi Green Line complex

The hotel is represented by 24 rooms, including:

· Standard – 8 rooms;

· Standard + – 8 rooms;

· Standard with terrace – 2 rooms;

· Standard + with terrace – 2 rooms;

· Family + – 3 rooms;

· Suite – 1 room.

All rooms are offered with a high-quality repair, fully equipped with furniture and household appliances, all communications and Wi-Fi, as well as the apartments have an electric kettle, dishes, flat-screen TVs, hairdryer, mini fridge.

The hotel also has:

· on the ground floor – a kitchen, bar, cafe, lounge and reception;

· on the second floor – a conference room (for 12-25 people), a gym (not equipped), a terrace.

The kitchen is equipped with industrial refrigerator, freezer, stove and extractor fan, there is a separate entrance from the street, a utility room and a bathroom.

The reception is open around the clock and daily, the staff speak Russian, English and Georgian. The hall, cafe and bar are equipped with the necessary furniture (refrigerator, coffee maker).

In the back yard of the Green Line Apart Hotel there is a 3 * 7 m swimming pool with a terrace for sun loungers. This area is not intended for sale and is used by both residents of the house and vacationers in the hotel.

On the roof of the building there is free space for a bar, it is also possible to equip a terrace for deck chairs. This area can be purchased separately and used both by the inhabitants or tenants and by hotel guests.

The hotel has all the necessary communications – connected to power substation, pump station, server room, gas pipe and sewerage systems.

Area of ​​the hotel in the Green Line complex in Batumi

On the ground floor:   

· elevator and stairwell – 23.5 sq.m.;

· foyer – 50.3 sq.m.;

· administration – 10.8 sq.m.;

· buffet – 85.3 sq.m.;

· Bathroom – 5.5 sq.m..

The total area of ​​the 1st floor is 175.4 sq.m..

On the second floor:   

· elevator, stairwell, corridor – 70.0 sq.m.;

· conference room – 82.3 sq.m.;

· gym – 64.1 sq.m.;

· 6 rooms – 238.4 sq.m..

The total area of ​​the 2nd floor is 454.5 sq.m..

On the third floor:   

· elevator, stairwell, corridor – 60.7 sq.m.;

· 9 rooms – 410.4 sq.m..

The total area of ​​the 3rd floor is 471.1 sq.m..

On the fourth floor:   

· elevator, stairwell, corridor – 60.7 sq.m.;

· 9 rooms – 410.9 sq.m..

The total area of ​​the 4th floor is 471.6 sq.m..

Infrastructure of Green Line Apart-Hotel in Batumi

The Green Line Hotel has a well-developed infrastructure. There are cafes, a bar, a pool, a conference room, a parking lot for vacationers, in the future it is also planned to have a gym, a rooftop lounge bar.

The hotel also provides management company services and video surveillance.

The revenue potential of Green Line Apart Hotel in Batumi

The cost of rooms per day in the” Green Line” according to the Booking.com portal for the end of May 2020 are as follows:

· twin room with balcony – 34 – 54 USD;

· twin room – 34 – 38 USD;

· family room with sea view – 42 – 80 USD;

· Junior Suite with Mountain View – 67 – 76 USD.

Thus, the hotel, provided full occupancy can generate income from 870 USD per day.

Why you should buy an apartment in the Green Line Batumi or the entire hotel?

Real estate in the resort cities of Georgia is characterized by an optimal ratio of price and quality. That is why it is so popular among investors.

The hotel and apartments in the Green Line will be a good purchase due to the following factors:

· good location, designed for families with children: clear sea and beach, a lot of nature, nearby the Botanical Garden, youth entertainment infrastructure is scarce;

· the availability of good transport infrastructure allows you to quickly (10-15 minutes) get to Batumi, where you will find a lot of various attractions;

· new hotel with good repair and solid infrastructure;

· the hotel already has a good position on the Booking portal. com (total 9.2 points);

· high investment potential.

The cost of 1 sq.m. of apartments in a hotel is from 750 USD, the purchase of the whole hotel will cost USD 2 million.  

Learn more about «Green Line » Aparthotel from the video: 

If you are interested in the hotel business and are planning investments in highly profitable real estate in Georgia on the seashore, please contact us by e – mail: [email protected]

How long will it take to buy property in Georgia?

The process of buying real estate in Georgia, including apartments or the hotel itself in the Green Line complex, will take no more than 4 days. You can also use the expedited procedure and arrange the property in 1 day.

What languages ​​are the contracts for the sale of real estate in Georgia drawn up?

The purchase of real estate in Georgia, including apartments or a hotel in Green Line , will be accomplished by the execution of a sales contract in 3 copies, two in Georgian and one in the buyer’s language.

Does Green Line have a management company?

Yes, there is a management company in the Green Line complex, which organizes rental of apartments for an additional fee without the actual presence of their owner.

How much do fully furnished and modern apartments cost in outskirts of Batumi, Georgia?

The cost per square meter in a newly constructed and fully equipped apartment located relatively far from the downtown Batumi can start from 720 USD per 1 sq.m which has around 22% annual rate of return potential. Such high returns can be attractive for local and foreign investors. Given the fact that Batumi is a very popular summer destination among neighboring countries as Azerbaijan, Armenia, Ukraine and Russia, properties are often purchased by representatives of these countries. In particular, consider apartments in the Green Line complex in the outskirts of Batumi, right next to the Botanical Garden, on the beach in a quiet and comfortable area, while downtown Batumi is comfortably located at a distance of only 8 km.

Is it safe to invest in residential real estate in Batumi, Georgia?

Batumi is definitely on the rise as an investment destination, its developing at a fast rate, demand for real estate is growing and so are the prices, so the sooner you make your investment decision – the better. Meanwhile, Batumi is a seasonal place, it is crowded in summer and quite serene in winter and autumn, so while in summer you can earn decent income from rental, in autumn and winter it is ideal place for quiet family living.

How much can I earn on my investment in real estate in Batumi, Georgia?

Rate of return on residential property in Batumi: If you buy 50 square meters of residential property for, e.g. USD 720 per square meter (in total USD 36 000), and rent it out for between USD 65-80 per night, assuming that the property will be occupied only 33% of the year, your annual return will be 22.8%.
22.8% is significantly high annual return, in comparison with the average of 10% in Europe. The capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, also offers an average 10% annual return on residential property.


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